the fortune owbc – seven

hello i am in one of my depression moods so i played this non stop hahaha welcome to the final chapterSims2EP9 2018-12-14 21-26-25-24the majority of votes were for peso!!Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 21-29-54-33goodbye reject kidsSims2EP9 2018-12-14 21-34-13-44Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 21-34-58-15the required date for this generation is with this guy called sethSims2EP9 2018-12-14 21-40-57-34Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 21-43-33-47Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 21-44-40-28okay chillSims2EP9 2018-12-14 21-53-22-59it was here i thought “hmm so peso will be a witch too but what about gen 3? since there won’t be a heir then it means shilling should have done the things. fucking well done dickhead.Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 21-54-39-53shilling babe i am so sorry although this was required anyway so???Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 21-55-38-81shilling: who dare disturb my slumberSims2EP9 2018-12-14 21-57-40-41first things first shilling needs to become a grilled cheese sim but she died perma plat so it was impossible. i changed her to fortune with grilled cheese secondary and one of the three kids of the final generation will be grilled cheese. i will also deduct 10 points.Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 21-59-55-97and onto the required dateSims2EP9 2018-12-14 22-00-54-74shilling: hey hun so we just need to ride this out. enjoy the hot tub and make yourself at homeSims2EP9 2018-12-14 22-02-05-00Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 22-02-14-56
thanks hunSims2EP9 2018-12-14 22-04-50-64okay that’s all done so bye shilling… do not fucking mention itSims2EP9 2018-12-14 22-06-28-04Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 22-07-17-47Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 22-10-24-34so peso is a neutral witch. but wait i hear you ask, what about the good witch? well you see. FUCK. fuck fuck fuck i forgot fucking hellSims2EP9 2018-12-14 22-10-58-90Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 22-11-31-86shilling: this house is a fucking nightmare!!Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 22-14-29-14Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 22-56-53-01since shilling became a zombie peso dropped into the red so he became a grilled cheese simSims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-00-37-69Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-01-26-29okay are we done now? for good? forever? please?Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-04-48-84Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-05-48-72happy birthday old manSims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-10-53-61Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-13-40-15Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-14-03-70Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-15-01-06
celeste threw an anniversary party and became perma platSims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-16-43-98oh hi ryan
Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-20-02-04Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-24-25-45balboa jesus christSims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-26-15-62Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-26-53-82and we have an adult. let’s get this show on the road.Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-34-09-88Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-34-39-97Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-35-13-54seth moved in he’s a family sim and he’s into cuisine which is great because he’s 7/10s of the way there hahahahSims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-46-02-59Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-47-37-31Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-50-18-22engaged and married. nothing else to saySims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-52-51-82robots
Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-53-06-79Sims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-56-25-11so peso is pregnant and he had a nap and jesus christ i need someone to perform an exorcismSims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-58-07-20shilling: leave me the fuck aloneSims2EP9 2018-12-14 23-59-46-62cuisine doneSims2EP9 2018-12-15 00-00-59-20peso please fucking stop itSims2EP9 2018-12-15 00-01-55-32ahhhhhhhhhhhSims2EP9 2018-12-15 00-02-43-99Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 00-03-33-45Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 00-13-00-31Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 00-15-18-73Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 00-19-05-43Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 00-21-53-81having an outdoor bath with your inlawsSims2EP9 2018-12-15 00-23-03-12Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 00-23-47-73it’s a boy!! this is ostruble which is a lithuanian currency and a tribute to his uncle and great uncle i guessSims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-27-21-57heh heh lion buttSims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-31-12-18Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-32-29-18Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-35-18-77Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-37-04-45look at the half arsed family portraits in the backSims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-37-55-05Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-40-46-69Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-41-13-05okay but he’s cute??Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-47-18-02i should get rid of thisSims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-47-49-51Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-49-04-06
hey celeste hasn’t got a promotion in a while nice oneSims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-50-34-48Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-55-35-56Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-57-03-66another boy!! this is pound because it is the currency of the great land of brexit… i mean britain (i’m from this garbage island)Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-57-25-42ostruble: father what is happeningSims2EP9 2018-12-15 16-59-29-36peso: no i am not conceiving our final child in this shitty carSims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-00-29-96Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-02-58-17Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-05-03-70Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-08-55-03Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-10-23-55double birthday but fuck knows where ostruble isSims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-13-26-64Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-14-13-54thanks ryanSims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-15-20-00hey finally!! so science was peso’s oth so we’re done!! the only requirement now is to wait until the final child of gen 3 is an adult. i’m just about to speed through this so enjoySims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-20-32-23Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-24-41-43pound: brÖther pay attention to meSims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-25-49-43Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-44-59-68
the store got one last hurrah and it’s staying at level 7. for a half arsed toy robot business i’d say not badSims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-52-08-13Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-54-46-76the final ever child is a boy!! (9 boys and 1 girl fucking hell) his name is naira which is a nigerian currencySims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-56-27-55grilled cheese bois
Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 17-59-53-77
hey thanksSims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-04-35-00
aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhSims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-06-11-58Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-12-53-08Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-18-08-90little green boysSims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-20-15-99Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-21-22-97celeste died and when i went to put her grave out shilling has disappeared. she probably wanted me to leave her the fuck alone so i don’t blame herSims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-23-09-97Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-24-20-14pound: brÖther whatSims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-25-42-80Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-28-05-64FOR THE LOVE OF GODSims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-28-31-16
grim: hey so your kitchen is on fire do you wanna just fucking go??
balboa: thank god it’s not my problemSims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-31-41-03so the rules say NOTHING about aging up kids like this so fight meSims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-32-25-41Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-32-47-78Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-35-28-02i can’t touch bad apple pound (did i not mention he was a bad apple? he’s the bad apple)Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-35-44-65Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-37-45-09and eventually naira’s birthdaySims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-38-12-63Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-38-57-79
oh. no. help him.Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-40-47-73nobody said HOW they just said as long as the third kid is an adult. so we’re done.Sims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-51-18-58family scrapbook proofSims2EP9 2018-12-15 18-51-50-03witchy good time proof
and now a point tally:
  • for finishing the challenge and posting it to the exchange/your blog/a thread/etc. +3
  • nightlife bonus the heir/ess for each generation must go on one date via the gypsy and see it through to completion. they may do this as a teen, young adult, adult or elder +3
  • nightlife bonus every heir/ess is a Grilled Cheese Sim +2
  • nightlife bonus for creating a vampire +3
  • ofb bonus build a robot army worthy of boolprop. every heir and spouse, starting with the founder and ending with the second generation heir, must have a gold talent badge in robotics +3
  • ofb bonus for running a business from the founding through to the end of the challenge. business must be started by founder sometime before their death +3
  • ofb bonus for creating a servo +3
  • freetime bonus you may not have a car unless it is the junker that you fixed up yourself for the lot +3
  • freetime bonus heir and spouse must reach level 10 in their predestined hobby +3
  • freetime bonus obtain a genie +3
  • boolprop naming scheme +10
  • one bad apple +10
  • family scrapbook +10
  • witchy good time +10

    total = 69 (ayyyyyyyyyyyy)

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