the fortune owbc – five

same again with a variety of content at resurrectonomitron dot tumblr dot comSims2EP9 2018-10-26 19-18-43-50so anyway here is lira and she is cuteSims2EP9 2018-10-26 19-26-50-83these two are so in love i hate them
Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 19-27-33-52Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 19-31-59-41Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 19-36-19-30just a normal family hike with the babySims2EP9 2018-10-26 19-39-02-55Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 19-44-09-68lira is the randomly selected bad apple this time!!Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 20-57-10-54all my sims are fucking idiotsSims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-05-40-29lira: *boots the baby square in the jaw*
Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-07-53-04Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-13-24-27Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-15-43-42this time it’s a boy!! his name is peso which is a currency in mexicoSims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-19-29-70witchy good timeSims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-22-51-50as you can see this took a while since she helped herself to everything in the houseSims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-23-59-67Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-27-43-39ryan got this thing from work
Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-30-52-70Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-33-26-06
another thing to not worry aboutSims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-35-57-76Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-37-47-02nature nerd ™Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-38-24-78very nice!!!!Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-41-13-39Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-41-52-34double birthday for peso and liraSims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-44-55-01i really really love peso’s face i’m not gonna lieSims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-47-36-33
well that should keep her out of troubleSims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-50-06-86Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 21-53-08-73Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 22-00-37-65lira is terrifying she just stands and stares at people and because she’s a bad apple i can’t control her away from them hahahaha sorry
Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 22-01-12-90Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 22-01-59-79well that’s one generation i don’t have to worry about!!Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 22-05-47-22Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 22-08-30-68Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 22-08-48-54you might want to give it a few minutes kidSims2EP9 2018-10-26 22-15-12-56Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 22-15-29-93when nature fights backSims2EP9 2018-10-26 22-20-31-19Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 22-21-56-81and the final baby of this generation is a boy!! meet baby rupee! the rupee is a currency in indiaSims2EP9 2018-10-26 22-24-19-29back to doing what they do best – taking their timeĀ Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 22-27-25-55Sims2EP9 2018-10-26 22-27-54-86and we end here with peso growing up. i still really like his face. i know i’m not supposed to influence heir polls or anything but y’know *points*

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