the fortune owbc – one

the medal hoarder is back and i’m still going for it. welcome to a new thing here are the rules Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 12-39-40-83meet the founder shilling fortune. all the kids are named after currency (shilling was a british currency and according to google it’s still a currency in kenya) here is what is going on:-
nightlife / ofb / freetime
mini challenges
boolprop naming scheme / one bad apple / family scrapbook / witchy good timeSims2EP9 2018-10-20 12-48-05-31Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 12-48-46-25her aspiration is popularity (please pretend its fortune i am so bad at this) and she wants to become the law. unfortunately that isn’t available so she takes a job in architecture.Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 12-49-38-51Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 12-53-05-54diggy mcdigface
Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-05-39-01Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-07-59-62the business which will go through the generations will be a home business. they’ll eventually sell robotics but for now it sells one (1) flamingo.Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-08-58-57Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-10-28-52nailed itSims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-11-39-07thanks alec springrock from my name game for putting the flamingo babies back where they belong
Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-13-08-20
-2 stars lmao it doesn’t have to be a successful business it just has to be a business.Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-16-24-16Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-20-07-58
Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-21-35-11
for freetime all heirs and spouses need to reach max enthusiasm in their oth and i’m so glad shilling’s is tinkering since robotics and car building and whateverSims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-21-58-50or mechanical skilling whateverSims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-22-54-09thanksSims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-26-05-90carpool: is everything ok?
shilling: should it not be?
Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-26-44-35Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-36-10-90time to find a spouseSims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-37-48-13
shilling has 2 turn ons – blonde hair and facial hair. omg perfect meet ryan.Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-40-06-80
give it a minute kids
Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-40-31-80
shilling jesus christSims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-42-06-59
meh whatever i don’t even need to be hereSims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-44-30-94
everything else is going great why not just rush the rest of itSims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-45-01-43
ryan: *looks in ring box* this bitch empty yeetSims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-49-31-37Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-51-42-44
townie: heeeyeyyyy wedding ayyyyyyy
Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-51-59-13
niceeEEE™Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-56-24-61
since everyone was there why not open the business (: (: Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 13-57-24-56
right thats whySims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-05-24-89
okay with the money ryan brought in look at all this cool stuff! business stuff so i can lock the house.Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-05-48-05Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-06-22-96
even better a robotics table for ofb!!Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-10-35-60Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-11-47-11
ryan’s oth is sports and he’s already halfway thereSims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-14-28-40
and he has a high ranking job in culinary praise beSims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-15-36-06Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-17-17-19
NICE!™Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-17-59-70
the only thing i didn’t resize whoops lmaoSims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-22-41-00
time to stock the shop with robots!Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-23-06-61
even better a toilet/outhouse! nobody should ever complain ever againSims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-24-03-52Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-28-10-28Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-28-42-03Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-31-58-79
i’m very good at this gameSims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-33-34-14Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-34-53-59
why not freeze outside to fix a car? who wouldn’t?Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-44-57-14
i had to wait until after 12pm for fixing the invisible part of the computer and i was on edge the whole timeSims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-47-13-89Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-47-55-24i love custom skins. anyway whatever it’s a boy!
following the boolprop naming scheme this is baby b – balboa (a currency in panama)Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-51-21-99Sims2EP9 2018-10-20 14-56-07-06there are now 9 flamingoes for the 3 babies. great thanks.

next time the other two kids, a bad apple, more business and other stuff.


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